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Have you been trying to adopt a dog and are not getting anywhere? Put in several applications and still nothing?

Think about Fostering.....

  1. You should live in the East Valley OR be able to take the dog to

       vet appointments in chandler, (The spay /neuter appt. are always at 6:30am)

  2. Everything is provided for the dog while in foster Care

      (ie: food/bowls/brush/toys/bed or blanket/crate ect.)

  3. You love on the dog, get him/her out for

      walks/ around people and pets to see if they would be a good fit in their forever               home. Socializing the dog makes for a great family member!

  4. Be able to take "good" photos of the dog and send to W.O.W a few times a week.

  5. Up date/communication to W.O.W on the dog a few

       times a week. Let us know if he/she needs anything/behaviors if any and if it is               the perfect dog, we love hearing that too.

  6. Let W.O.W know if you plan on adopting the foster dog,

       as you have 1st chance (if you have followed thru with the above criteria).                       because you were kind enough to help out and foster!

                       (Like a free trial, plus you are saving a life!).

Unfortunately, we will not be able to respond to all emails and phone calls. We are all Volunteers that work regular jobs and go home to do dog intakes/Vet appts/dog adoptions and return important calls and emails if time allows. We try to put all the information in the dogs BIO, so please take the time to read it. CLICK ON PHOTO BELOW for bio. Most questions sent to us are already in the bio. 

WE WILL NOT SHIP or use transport services for any of our dogs. If chosen, you will need to pick them up in Chandler AZ.    YES, we adopt out of State.

Our #1 Question: "Is the dog still available?".. Please check the website gallery.

None of our dogs will be adopted out without being spay/neutered. Check the Bio to see if they have been spay/neutered, or when they will be. A Call to the adoptive family is done normally a few days before or a few days after the spay/neuter date. 

GALLERY BELOW: Hover your mouse over the dogs photo. If the dog is still available, Pending or Adopted will not be in the box. APPLY!

Pending= we chose and called someone for the dog. It has been "scheduled" to adopt.

Adopted= The dog is no longer with us. It has been adopted. 

***WE WILL NOT CALL YOU IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN CHOSEN. The gallery is updated daily so you will know quickly. PLEASE CHECK DAILY if you applied for a dog. 


CONGRATULATIONS         Donna!!!!

Donna is the winner of our Raffle basket 4/24/2021 ....Come and visit us every Saturday from 10am-2pm in front of Sabas Western Wear, Downtown Chandler :) 



Authentic Mexican Food... 

We had a huge turn out, so waiting for the tally to see how we did!!

We will update this page when we hear :)



                          W.O.W Dog Rescue YARD SALE!

We have been gathering items from folks that have things they are able to donate for our cause. It can be anything!!

Household/tools/Pet supplies/books/clothing..the sky is the limit, and it is all very helpful!

All you need to do is get your items together, text 717-805-8855 and let us know you have things to donate for the yard sale.  We will get back to you and schedule a drop off or pick up time. We need all items by 5/12/2021, as the yard sale is May 15th and 16th 2021, in Chandler, AZ.

                                  *More details coming soon!!

                                  We appreciate your support!!