A little bit about W.O.W (Waggin Our Way)
W.O.W. Dog Rescue Founder, Kim Boehm, Was the Dog Director for a previous rescue for 5 years. Her dream was to someday open her own rescue, and be able to save more dogs. One evening, a phone call turned her dream into reality...that was W.O.W !
Because Fosters are the root of all Rescues...the GOLD sits there. With out Reputable Fosters, a Rescue cannot thrive. Thats why all the fosters play a critical role when it come time for adoption. If they Foster and cannot let that awesome dog leave their home...they have 1st chance at adoptiong it. (PLEASE CONSIDER FOSTERING ...SAVE A LIFE & GET UNCONDITIONAL LOYALTY  &  LOVE!) That is why the testimonies came in regularly from the past Rescue that she was Dog Director for. We all worked well together in the Dog Department, and found the best homes for the dogs in our care.

Being able to see these cuties get a forever home, and know that it was a team of humans that care - who was able to make this happen- has given  her a great sense of happiness.

Kim was the first one in the Chandler Arizona area that dared to be different. She did not have the dogs on display for adoptions every Saturday at the local Pet shops, who often have such adoptions going on.

Her insight was "the dogs are scared, they are not enjoying all these hands going in at them while they are in a pen" and she also realized that the GOLD (fosters) of the rescue was having to up-heave  every Saturday to bring their dogs for adoption. If the dog didn't get adopted, the Foster was to come back and get them. (Not the way she wanted to treat her Gold).

She also noticed that people that would go to these shops often came to get fish or supplies for their pet, and would see a cute dog or puppy in a pen, from one of the Rescues that had their canines there. As they left the store, they would entertain themselves by looking at the darling adoptables. Many times, leaving with a lifetime commitment that took them 30 minutes to decide. AGAIN, not her idea of a great way to find forever homes. 

She considers this as "impulse adoptions". So during her 5 years with the Rescue, she only had her dogs displayed for the 1st few months, while she was able to get a website up and running, so these dogs would be found ONLY by people that were searching for the RIGHT dog for their family.

Those precious pups are not bounced around from family to family and are truly loved in a forever home. Its ALL about the dogs! 
We are also FOSTER HOME BASED..What that means to you is that all our dogs run around in a REGULAR HOME, being taught skills like "potty outside/socializing with people and other dogs/cats". They are treated as they belong to the foster family, and loved as such. They are NOT put in a facility, or kept in a cage until an adoptee wants to see them.
October 15th was our kick off to open our NEW Rescue, called W.O.W Dog Rescue. (Waggin' Our Way). With the same great dog people!
If you think you would like to be a part of our mission to find these sweeties a forever home, and you can be the GOLD of the rescue, or help in MANY other ways...PLEASE reach out to us by completing a Foster or Volunteer form. We are a group of animal lovers just trying to help and serve the community of dogs needing a home.

                                        THANK YOU!!!

Some of the things we need help in is:

Fostering, Grooming,Transporting, Donation Station, Intake Coordinator,