A Message from W.O.W

We are aware Fosters are the root of all Rescues...the GOLD sits there. Without Reputable Fosters, a Rescue cannot thrive. That is why all the fosters play a critical role when it comes time for adoption. If the Foster is compelled to keep the dog, they have first chance at adopting it. 

We prefer that all the fosters are living in the East Valley so if any Vet appt. need to be done, they are close by. 

Foster today! Save a Life! Receive Unconditional Love and Loyalty!


Meet Kim

Kim was the first person in the Chandler, Arizona area who dared to be different. She chose not to have dogs on display for adoptions every Saturday at the local Pet shops. 


Her insight was "the dogs are scared, they are not enjoying all these hands going in at them while they are in a pen," and she also realized that the GOLD (fosters) of the rescue was having to up-heave every Saturday to bring their dogs for adoption day. If the dog didn't get adopted, the Foster needed to come back and pick them up. Kim said, "this is not the way I want to see fosters treated, and they are GOLD!"


She also noticed that people that would go to these shops often came to get fish or supplies for their pet, and would see a cute dog or puppy in a pen, from one of the Rescues that had their canines there. As they left the store, they would entertain themselves by looking at the darling adoptable dogs & puppies. Many times, leaving with a lifetime commitment that took them 30 minutes to decide. Again, not her idea of a great way to find forever homes. 


Kim considers these types of adoptions as "impulse adoptions". So during her five years with the Rescue, she only had her dogs displayed for the first few months while she was able to get a website up and running. Through the utilization of the W.O.W website, now dogs are only searched out by families interested in finding the perfect dog match for them and their family. 


What is Home-Based Fostering?

Home-based fostering allows the dogs a loving, caring, temporary home. They have not bounced around from family to family and are truly loved in a regular home while being taught skills like "potty outside, and socialization with people and other dogs, and or cats." The dogs are treated as family members of the foster family and loved as such.  They are not put in a facility or kept in a cage until a possible adoption takes place.


W.O.W Dog Rescue, (Waggin' Our Way) 

October 15th, 2017, was our kick-off for the new Rescue with the same great volunteers and new ones who wanted to join the team! Kim had created a wonderful Rescue based on her past director experience and testimonies. She made this happen and it has given her a great sense of happiness.


Volunteer Today

If you think you would like to be a part of our mission to find these sweeties a forever home, please let us know. You can be the GOLD of the rescue, or help in many other ways: grooming, transportation, donation station, intake coordinator. Please reach out to us by completing a Foster or Volunteer form. We are a group of animal lovers just trying to help and serve the community of dogs needing a home. Thank you!


Our Mission Statement:


W.O.W (Waggin’ Our Way) Dog Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit small dog rescue.

We have a weekly donation table set up to educate the public about

Our rescue and the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. Our mission is to Microchip, Spay and Neuter every dog, and we envision all Vets to scan every dog that comes in their facility, so that lost or found dogs can be returned to their owner.

We have a Senior to Senior discount program which helps those on a limited income

Be able to afford a dog in it’s senior years, and we have a discount for Military as well.

All of our dogs are kept in Foster homes where they can wait for their forever family, OR

Our foster parents have 1st chance at adopting them. (What a great way to know if the dog

Will fit into to your family routine, while saving a life and helping your community).

W.O.W Dog Rescue doesn’t bring their dogs out in the community for Events/adoption days,

As we are sought out on the internet and word of mouth. We feel this prevents impulse adoptions,

And people have to be actively searching for a dog to find us.

We are New Hope Partners with MCACC and Pinal County which allows us to pull dogs that may

Otherwise be euthanized. We also take in dogs that are strays, surrendered due to hardships.

We micro-chip all our dogs prior to any Adoption and make sure they are fully vetted.

We believe in Community, and to help those in need.