Don't miss out on Blaxter by emailing us to see if he is still available.​​

APPLY if interested so you can be considered.

When he is adopted or pending, we put it on the gallery photo of our home page.

Baxter was picked up at MCACC and was a hot mess in knotted fur.

We needed to get him out of there as we are sure you heard that they are 

not able to hang on to them very long now with their filled facility.

Baxter is having some medical things done (right now he is being treated for kennel cough),

once that clears up we will get him in for neuter, rabies shot, DHPP and microchip

Then he will be able to go to his forever home. 

He is a sweet senior boy, 8 yr old with cataracts which is starting to affect his site.

He does fine with the small poodle in his home and with the cats, however the

if the cat sneaks up to him, and his eye site doesn't realize it is the cat, he will show his teeth

at her. He loves the foster mom, and its her gentle voice and loving care that

allows him to trust her.

He was in the vet for a back leg that appeared to bother him occasionally. 

We were told that lille Baxters spine is causing him the havic.

The surgery for his spine would be too much for him, and VERY expensive.

So Baxter is taking an anti-inflammatory and pain pills.

This is helping him a great deal.

Baxter came to us with long knotted hair. A Maltese boy that couldn't

extend his back legs well and could barely lift his front leg up to get in his bed.

All of that has gotten so much better, and his hair is growing back quickly.

He appreciates a calm, quiet home...and we are hoping a senior out there would have

the love to give this little handsome man.

Someone who needs a buddy to curl up with, and have a furever friend with.


Baxters adoption fee is set at $175.00

We have a Senior to Senior program too, which means if you

are a Senior (65+) then you could adopt

Baxter for $100.00 plus any medical we have in him, NOT to exceed $175.00

If interested in him please apply!

Please watch his video on our website homepage.



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