Bella & Gretchen
(A Bonded Pair)

These 2 sisters love each other and enjoy just the time they have together.They definitely cannot be separated.

So, the story on these two sweeties is: They were caged for the 1st 2 years of their life. They were kept in cages because the owner was too lazy to try to potty train them. Caging them was easier. (I did soften that comment a lot).
A friend of a friend heard about it, and talked them in to giving them the dogs. Although the people that had these 2 adorable girls did wonderful training them to go potty outside and letting them have the run of the house, they prefered BIG DOGS.
They did get belly rubs, and groomed. Laying on the couch together was another thing they loved doing. Most importantly, they kept them safe and out of a caged environment. They had them 5 years, and the man of the home was given a job promotion, in CA. and an apartment life wasn't a good fit for these two that were now used to going out a doggy door and having room to run in the home. So, now that they are going to be 7 years old soon (which isn't really that old for small dogs), they are moving again. The Black one is Bella, 10lbs, and she isn't afraid to try something out 1st. If she does it, Gretchen (cream color) 12 lbs. will be right behind her and she will then do it. Gretchen apparently had a grooming mis-hap with her original owners and her 1 eye was damaged with a grooming tool. So she isn't able to see out of it, and if you go up to her on that side she may be startled. Both have recently gone to the beauty parlor, and got prettied up for their new home. This is a breed that will need regular brushing and grooming. Gretchen is not a fan of the groomers any more, and you cannot blame her, so that needs to be addressed to the groomer prior to taking her, so they are aware not to go at her from the "side she gets shadows from". They love going for morning and evening walks, and car rides are fun too!
A less active home would be best for them. They are current on Rabies shot, Booster and they are Spay. They will be micro-chipped going in to their new home. (More pictures of Bella will be posted soon).
They play, lick and love each other and would REALLY love to be taken into your home with lots of love and affection.
Ready to curl up on the couch???  Together, their adoption fee is $300.00
If interested in Bella and Gretchen, please complete an application on our website
IF you still see that Bella and Gretchen are NOT marked ADOPTED, then they are Still available.
Thanks for wanting to rescue your next family member!!
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