Is Belle still available?? 

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Check the Gallery by putting your mouse on the photo.

IF it says Pending, we chose someone, but they haven't met up yet.

If it says Adopted, then the dog has been happily united with 

a forever family.

IF nothing is there other than their name, they are still available.

**We do not transport our dogs to another State. If you are

chosen for the dog, you need to be able to come and meet the dog

and adopt at that time.

APPLY if interested so you can be considered.

*Our page is updated daily. Please go to for any updates.

This is Belle, is a 5 lb little chihuahua and is 12 weeks old.

She has a sister named Ariel (both are listed for adoption.)

These 2 grew up with another litter of 2 girls,

so there are 4 female chihuahuas in all.

Belle is a loveable girl that loves to play, and she is learning to

play fetch. Her ears are almost standing up.

She will follow you around wherever you go.

She has the expressional wrinkles on her

forehead and is precious as can be!

She is 90% puppy pad trained. 

Playing with the other pups is right

up her alley and ohhhh she loves

belly rubs too. 

She is scheduled to get puppy shot #2 on 12/7/2020.

The new family will need to bring her to chandler for her

3rd puppy shot, and spay if it hasn't yet been done.

Please apply for Belle if interested!


Belle's adoption fee is set at $240.00


We are NOT Petfinder, 

We are not Adoptapet,


Rescue me.

Our application is on our website: 

**PLEASE do not call to see if she is "still" available.

The Gallery photo on our website will be updated daily

and will state her status.

IF we have chosen someone, she will be marked "Pending".

IF she has been adopted, he will be marked "Adopted".

***Tired of not finding, or not being chosen for the dog of your dream??

Consider Fostering with us...Our Fosters have 1st chance at

adopting the dog they foster, while we pay for everything.

Its a win win for both! YOU get to see if this is a good match for your 

family, while the dog is being loved in your home...

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