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Chance is a mix of Pomeranian and Maltese we think..

He is a tiny little guy weighing approx. 8 lbs.

He can get through the tiniest places, and 

is terribly missing his deceased owner of 8 yrs.

He would be happy to live with another male, and him

being the one and he is used too. He is not aggressive

with other dogs, but enjoys getting all the attention. 

Right now he is with a male foster, and has done well with his 2 small dogs. He doesn't interact with them, and doesn't

try to play with them at all.

Chance is a nervous little guy at first, but

he will settle in nicely after he knows he is safe and loved.

He will sit next to the foster on his legs while on his chair

now, so is feeling pretty comfortable there.

If you are looking for a sweet boy who LOVES going for

walks and having a back yard to run around in...he's your boy!


Chance WAS scheduled to be neutered

and get his microchip, and Rabies

shot BUT he is no longer a candidate to have

this done as he gets very

anxious and the vet felt is is in his

best interest not to have the surgery.


He is current on his Rabies, DHPP and

Bordetella. He also has his microchip inserted.

He is 

ready for his forever home now. 

Chances adoption fee is $175.00 UNLESS you are a senior..

then his adoption fee is $100.00 plus anything the rescue has in to him


not to exceed $175.00


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