Is China still available?? 

(Unfortunately, we will not reply to emails asking this question as 

we do not have the time or volunteers to do so. We update our website daily

just so you will know the status right away).

PLEASE GO TO OUR WEBSITE for up to date information to find out.

Check the Gallery by putting your mouse on the photo.

IF it says Pending, we chose someone, but they haven't met up yet.

If it says Adopted, then the dog has been happily united with 

a forever family.

IF nothing is there other than their name, they are still available.

APPLY if interested so you can be considered.

*Our page is updated daily. Please go to for any updates.

China is approx. 6 lbs. DOB around 10/9/2020.

Most likely a Jack Russel/Chi/ and Maltese mix puppy.

(Basing this on what the other pups look like). 

She was found in a box in an alley with 4 other puppies.

The lady that found them went door to door

asking if they knew who these pups belonged too...but no

one seemed to know. One neighbor wanted 2 of them

and the 3 came to our rescue, and has since been adopted.

*The lady who took the 2 pups, realized that she was not able to care

for the 2 she took,

so they were given to us at W.O.W

Little China is a real pretty and sweet girl. Long

white fluffy fur with black spots on her.

She does fine with the Foster's

dogs in the home and of course, as all puppies are, CUTE!

It will be a while before she can be adopted as she

needs to go through

her puppy shots and get spay/ microchipped yet.

She has had a few pee and poo incidents in the current foster's home

but pretty consistently uses the doggy door.

China is kenneled when they are gone, sleeps in their bed with

them and other dogs at night.

The original family that had her, had children, so she is

fine with them. Of course little toddlers need to be watched

when they are around the puppy for gentle play.

 China will need some puppy training,

and grooming on a regular basis. 

If having her groomed regularly is something you are not able to keep

up, please do not apply for her.

As with most puppies, she loves playing with toys,

and rolling in the grass.

She is very energetic, cheerful and sweet and loves to give kisses

and get attention!

Her brother Lego is also needing to be adopted. Please 

check him out too! (He is adorable!)

China will be spay, puppy shot series started,

Bordetella and Microchipped by 3/18 /21

She will be adopted out soon after that.

China's adoption fee is set at $275.00








Our application is on our website: 

**PLEASE do not call or email to see if she is "still" available.

Her Gallery photo on our website will be updated daily

and will state her status.

IF we have chosen someone, she will be marked "Pending".

IF she has been adopted, she will be marked "Adopted".

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Chinas sister Penelope