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Lucky is one of the sweetest shih tzu boys you will meet..

all 13 lbs of him.

Some of his 8 years were tough ones for him...

Adopted as a pup, at 3 yrs old he had a cat attack him

while he was going on a morning walk.

The cat clawed him badly and it blinded him in the one eye.

The owners now needed to surrender him due to 

the family having a unfenced pool and he had fallen in it

twice. He was also living with another shih tzu that 

they did fine together "sometimes", but occasional

fights were starting to

break out.

 Lucky loves a lot of attention and will be playful

with the 10 &11 yr old foster son when they initiates play.

Now that we have him, and have taken him in for a vet check,

we have learned that the eye that had been clawed at, is 

starting to bulge out of the this poor sweet guy is now

scheduled for his eye to be removed on Nov. 18th. 

His other eye seems to see some shadowing from age/glaucoma.

He seems to do well with potty trips outside, He is very

well trained according to the foster who stated that Lucky will

sit and lay down on command.

He has learned how to go outside from his room,

with out running into anything just 

based on his memory and scent.

He sleeps through the night with no accidents.

One of his favorite things have his belly rubbed!

The foster feels t would be best if he was somewhere with out

another dog because if he is startled, or get close

to his eye we will get snappy.

If you are interested in Lucky please apply.

He will be current on shots, rabies shot, neutered and 

will be microchipped.

Lucky's adoption fee is set for $175.00

*If you are a senior, his adoption fee drops to $100.00

plus anything we have in him, BUT not to exceed $175.00

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Luckys eyes do not look too nice (before surgery), thus the reason for the hair over his eyes which is actually protecting them some.