Is Stella still available?? 

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The family of Stella and Piper have run up against a hardship.

The owner is having some medical issues and

they are unable to hold on to these  2 sweet gals any longer.

They called us asking if we thought anyone would be able to keep these 2

together, as they enjoy each others company so much.

We did take these 2 girls in together and they were placed in

a foster home that shared a interest in adopting them.

(they were returned as we  found out more interesting facts

about them, and why the owner has agreed for us to separate them)


What we learned is: 

These little girls feed off of each other..but not always in a 

good way... They are actually opposites. 

Stella loves all people...Piper doesn't do well with little

toddlers. (she would snap toward 

the 3 yr old grand-daughter to scare her...which worked). 

Stella likes food...and will eat her food and then go to the

other dogs food, and eat it. (Piper is not food motivated).

Stella is skittish at 1st, and needs her people to give her a few minutes

to come to you, then she is fine.

Piper prefers to have you come and pet her and do a good belly rub while

she roles over ..

They really do not care if one is not around...they do perfectly

fine with out the other. 

BOTH dogs like to go in between your feet  when you are be aware of that!

BOTH dogs are very loving!

A little on Stella: 

Stella is a light brown chi-weenie who is 1 yr old.

She is spay, chipped and up to date on immunization shots.

She weighs in around 12 lbs. Loves to sit on

your lap, and follow you.

She also is great with potty outside with a doggy door..

Her adoption fee is $200.00


A little on Piper:

Piper is a small black / tan pup who is 8 mos old and

we were told she is a Maltese / chihuahua mix.

She weighs in around  7 lbs.

She is a shadow and follows you everywhere.

She is also spay, Microchipped and up to date on immunization shots.

She knows the doggy door for potty too.

Her adoption fee is $200

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