Don't miss out on Marlee by emailing us to see if he is still available.​​

APPLY if interested so you can be considered.

When he is adopted or pending, we put it on the

gallery photo of our home page.

PLEASE check our website Daily for ay updates. 

*Our page is updated daily. Please go to for any updates.

Marlee is a 6.5 yr old, Jack Russel Chihuahua boy, who

weighs in around 14 lbs.

As you can see he is a handsome boy..

He is housetrained, uses a doggy door, and loves the 2 other small

dogs in the home, and a very smart boy.

Marlee's mom had him since he was a puppy..

She had been in and out of the hospital and when it came clear

that she wasn't coming home, the Aunt came from out of state to 

take care of him..He had only known apartment living ,

not gone for walks, had not met other dogs or people...

He has come a long way now!!

He is a tad shy /timid of children and men...but does ok with a

man when handed a treat. Most likely because it was just

him and his human mom for 6.5 yrs. There were no kids around either.

Marlee has a lot of energy now that he has

had taste of a different life, and might do well with other dogs.

(He loves to play with the foster's dog).

Car rides are fun for him

and he whines when you grab the leash to

go for a walk.

Since he has not been with his mom, he has shown nothing but 

gratitude and willingness to learn with his foster. 

We will review applications for him by 10/27/20

Marlee is neutered, all immunizations, Rabies shot, Bordetella,

and Microchipped.

If you feel you can give him the time to get to know you, 

please apply.

Marlee's adoption fee is set for $175.00

UNLESS you are a senior, Then his adoption fee drops to $100.00

(plus anything

we have in him), not to exceed $175.00

​We are NOT Petfinder, 

We are NOT Adoptapet,

We are NOT RescueMe

Our application is on our website: 

**PLEASE do not call to see if he is "still" available.

**We have all our dogs in a Foster home, so we are unable to show them

to you UNLESS you have been chosen to adopt.

His Gallery photo on our website will be updated daily

and will state her status.

IF we have chosen someone, he will be marked "Pending".

IF he has been adopted, she will be marked "Adopted".

***Tired of not finding, or not being chosen for the dog of your dream??

Consider Fostering with us...Our Fosters have 1st chance at

adopting the dog they foster, while we pay for everything.

Its a win win for both! YOU get to see if this is a good match for your 

family, while the dog is being loved in your home...







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