Not all dogs posted on our website are already being fostered; they are on a "hold" waiting.  If you want to foster, complete a foster form so we can contact you when the next Foster dog becomes available. We will text you a photo and anything we know about the dog. It would help if you let us know as soon as possible because others will also be sent the same information. When you pick up the foster dog you will be given a welcome bag. All of the dog's things will be in there to make the foster visit comfortable and easy for you! Thank you for assisting us in placing these cuties.


Our fosters allow us to rescue and save so many of these dogs. Foster's are vital to any rescue, and we are always in need of more foster parents. If you would like to foster, please fill out the Foster Application below. 


If you foster, and fall in love with the dog you are fostering, YOU have first chance at adopting it, as long as, you have followed our simple criteria set in place: Take eye level photos of your foster dog 4 times a week, Get it to scheduled Vet appointments in Chandler, AZ. (If puppy shots/3 trips to  get them), socialize them, care, walk, feed and LOVE them.


                                                              We will get back to you as soon as we can!