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Don't miss out on Max by emailing us to see if he is still available.
(if he is adopted, we make the change right away on our website)
Because we all work, it isn't always easy for us to get back to you timely,​​
so you can often miss out if your application is not in when we review them..
Your application stays with us for 90 days, so if you miss out on this one..
keep looking, we want you to rescue a dog!!​

Max is a courtesy posting

(which only means he is not one of our personal dogs in the rescue,

we are merely helping a family find him a home. His only real need is a loving home).

As you look at his photos, know that his skin condition is

something he will have the rest of his life, BUT IT IS NOT Contagious.

***HE IS ALLERGIC TO CATS, so cannot go to a home that has them.

In January 2019, Max was brought in to MCACC by his

original owner, saying he 

had a skin condition and was given a shot that helped this condition, but owner 

wasn't able to share the name of the shot that was given.

MCACC vets seemed to think it could be allergies.

He was placed on an Urgent post, and a family came forward to

basically save his life..They have given him love and knew in time he would 

have a wonderful new home...

(Here is what they have to say about him)

Max is a loving companion who would do anything for his humans.

He loves meeting new people, and thrives on attention.

He is good with children, and loves all kinds of attention.

He enjoys walks and pats and food, and likes to carry his favorite toys

around with him.

Max is extremely good with other dogs, and likes to play!

He enjoys sleeping in a bed, but he is also crate trained.

He is not real fond of getting a bath, but I think he has been in over load and 

perhaps in time, he would improve.

Max would do well in any household, but would thrive in

an environment with lots of cuddles and treats.

Max has a bit of a unique look. His foster mom is pretty sure

that he is a pug- Italian greyhound mix, due to his

adorable under-bite and elegantly long legs. He does have a skin issue

which is not treatable, and only adds to his original style.

He has the ideal energy level for someone who can't do walks every day, 

but likes to go on 5 mile hikes or runs on the weekend (OR not!)

Max is happy either way; he can sleep on the couch indefinitely, but once he 

gets going he will pretty much walk or run forever with out complaint.

Max is 15 lbs, and about 3 yrs old, neutered and up to date on all his shots.

He has just mastered house-training...but it has taken a while...

He is eager to learn anything!

If you can give this little guy an awesome home with 

a lot of love,

PLEASE consider him by submitting an application for him.

Your application will go to the current family that saved him..

they will review it and get with you if they think you would be a great match!

He is neutered, current on DHPP shot, De-wormed and

he is also microchipped.

Max's adoption fee is set at $100.00.


If you are interested in Max, PLEASE complete an application.
Most everything we know about our dogs is in the bio..so please read it
so you know what the dog is like and if it will fit your lifestyle.
Once an application is received, it will go in that dog's file for review.
IF you are chosen for Max, you will get a call for him and will  have
3 hours to respond (if we get your answering machine)
before we go to the next person of interest.
*The ONLY way to be considered is with an application which is on our website:

Click on the picture and scroll all the way to the bottom of the following page.
THANKS for wanting to Rescue!!

(PSSSS...did you hear if you foster for W.O.W Dog Rescue, you will have 1st chance at adopting the dog you fostered! A win Win!)