Don't miss out on Mojo by emailing us to see if he is still available.​​

APPLY if interested so you can be considered.

When he is adopted or pending, we put it on the gallery photo of our home page.

PLEASE check our website Daily for ay updates. 

*Our page is updated daily. Please go to for any updates.

Mojo is a lil cutie that has 2 other brothers that

all look a lot like, and love to play with each other.

The only difference is:

Mojo has dark eyes and a black nose.

(Brother Noble has a pink nose and blue eyes.


Brother Chewee has a black nose and blue eyes)

Their coat is white with light tan spots on them.

The daddy to all these gorgeous pups is a corgi/fox terrier,

and the momma is a chihuahua. 

As with any puppy, they will need training.

Constant potty trips outside when they 1st wake up from a

nap and playtime is a must for these lil ones.

They weigh in around 7 lbs. and they are 3.5 mos. old.

With wonderful personalities, these pups

are not whiney and just want to be held and loved.

If you think you are ready for a puppy, these pups will be

ready for their forever homes soon. 

If you are interested in Mojo please apply.

He will be current on puppy shots, rabies shot, neutered and 


Mojo's adoption fee is set for $250.00

We are NOT Petfinder, 

We are not Adoptapet,

Our application is on our website: 

**PLEASE do not call to see if he is "still" available.

His Gallery photo on our website will be updated daily

and will state his status.

IF we have chosen someone, he will be marked "Pending".

IF his has been adopted, he will be marked "Adopted".

***Tired of not finding, or not being chosen for the dog of your dream??

Consider Fostering with us...Our Fosters have 1st chance at

adopting the dog they foster, while we pay for everything.

Its a win win for both! YOU get to see if this is a good match for your 

family, while the dog is being loved in your home...

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