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Oscar is a dog that the owner passed away and 

him and a few other dogs in the home needed to be placed.

We believe he is 2 - 3 yrs old.

He is over weight,... 30 lbs.

but enjoys going for walks...infact

he LOVES going for walks.

He seems scared of noises and people..especially

men and children.

We think he may be Tibetan Terrier and Westie mix,

of course he could have bull dog in him???.

He has a scar on the top of his head that we think

was caused from being picked up by bird of prey when he was younger. 

It doesn't look like medical care was given when it happened

due to the looks of the scaring. 

He is protective of the foster mom...

Potty trained and will go out a doggy door, and for

the 1st time in a few weeks he has actually gone 

poop in the fosters yard vs always waiting to do "it" on his walks.

Obviously this adorable grumpy looking guy wasn't played with much 

as a puppy, as he doesn't like toys or balls...they scare him..

He does love being petted and rolls over all the time for tummy rubs.

Loves chewing on a bully stick, and he will play with them.

He isn't a fast eater and his food he will

enjoy it slowly.

Oscar isn't the type of dog that is going to be an immediate

charmer for you...because he is grumpy til he gets to know you.

He LOVES the foster mom now..but it has taken awhile

for him to trust her....now he is always by her side or outside 

laying in the patio area.

He will isn't a dog to trust off leash, as he will bolt if given the chance.

IF you are a home body, needing a companion and like to 

take walks he would be a great boy.

Not sure about cats or other dogs...although he

lives with a few chihuahuas.

He Hates being in a crate, so that is not an option for him.

Oscar is scheduled for his neuter, rabies shot and 

microchip on 11/25/2020. He is current on her DHPP and Bordetella.

Once healed he will be able to go to his forever home.

Oscars adoption fee is set at $225.00


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We are not Adoptapet,


Rescue me.

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**PLEASE do not call to see if she is "still" available.

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and will state her status.

IF we have chosen someone, she will be marked "Pending".

IF she has been adopted, she will be marked "Adopted".

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