Is Rhett still available?? 

(Unfortunately, we will not reply to emails asking this question as 

we do not have the time or volunteers to do so. We update our website daily

just so you will know the status right away).

PLEASE GO TO OUR WEBSITE  (wowdogrescue.org)

for up to date information to find out.

Check the Gallery on our home page by putting your mouse on the photo.

IF it says Pending, we chose someone, but they haven't met up yet.

If it says Adopted, then the dog has been happily united with 

a forever family.

IF nothing is there other than their name, they are still available.

APPLY if interested so you can be considered.

*Our page is updated daily. Please go to

www.wowdogrescue.org for any updates.

Rhett is an almost 9 yrs old (March)...

He is an owner surrender due to his owner passing away.

He has stayed with the daughter and she is now unable to keep

him due to her work schedule and a move she is making.

He is a perfect boy. Loves people and other small dogs, although his

is the larger size Yorkshire Terrier. (13lbs).

He is easily intimidated by larger dog breeds.

Not sure about cats, but normally he isn't affected by too much,

so the cat would most likely have a problem with him

vs him with the cat.

Timid at first,

Rhett is a fun boy that when he gets to know you he will run around

and play ball with you, but his favorite place is just

chillin on the couch...cuddling with you if you allow.

Enjoys going for a walk.

Once in a while, Rhett will cough when he gets excited for a little bit.

He enjoys going for car rides and will jump in the car to go.

Also like to sit and look out a window

Rhett is current with immunization shots, Rabies

shot, Bordetella, and he is neutered. He will be microchipped before

leaving our Rescue.


WE ARE NOT PETFINDER. (plz don't apply there)

WE ARE NOT ADOPTAPET (plz don't apply there)

WE ARE NOT RESCUEME (plz don't apply there)

OUR application is on our website:


Rhetts adoption fee is $175.00 (Senior Discount or not).

**PLEASE do not call or email to see if he is "still" available.

His Gallery photo on our website will be updated daily

and will state his status.

IF we have chosen someone, he will be marked "Pending".

IF he has been adopted, he will be marked "Adopted".

***Tired of not finding, or not being chosen for the dog of your dream??

Consider Fostering with us...Our Fosters have 1st chance at

adopting the dog they foster, while we pay for everything.

Its a win win for both! YOU get to see if this is a good match for your 

family, while the dog is being loved in your home...

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