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Scrappy is a little boy with a lot of curiosity,

and high energy.

He was a stray.

We think he is around 1.5 yrs old and weighs

in around 9 lbs.

Perhaps a Terrier/chihuahua mix.

He has learned to walk on a leash and

needs the exercise. He knows what the

harness is and will stand so you can put it on him.

Scrappy's self confidence is low and he is afraid

of fast movements and loud sounds.

He is not a candidate for car rides, as they make him

sick to his stomach.

He likes and needs a lot of positive reinforcement.

He is very gentle even when he is afraid he will not

growl or try to bite. (He just crouches down).

He LOVES to cuddle on the couch but on his terms.

His preference for a new owner would be a woman.

Scrappy is crate trained, house breaking is a

on-going challenge for him but has greatly improved.

(Perhaps once his neuter is done this will improve).

He is great with other dogs, and would benefit

from another dog in the home, but he has adjusted well.

He loves soft chew toys and his blanket.

He is not foods aggression and has put on

some needed weight.

The fosters feed him 2 times a day but would most

likely be fine free feeding.


He will Be neutered on 1/22/21, and also be microchipped,

Rabies shot, and has already had his DHPP and

Bordetella shot.

Scrappy's fee is $250.00


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