PLEASE apply for the dog of your dream...

With out an application you cannot be considered.

Complete one at and it will stay on file

with us for 90 days, for ANY dog of interest.

Time does not allow us to email everyone, and we prefer you read the information below,

as most everything we know is here.

********PLEASE CHECK DAILY for any updates


Sofie is a sweet gal, who was surrendered to our 

rescue because she is food aggressive with the families other

dog that is a senior.

They had her since she was a pup, so it was extremely 

hard on them.

She does fine with other dogs, it is basically the

food/treat thing that is not workable.

Sofie is 3.5 yrs old and a chihuahua/ doxie mix


She weighs in at 13 lbs.

She is Super sweet, housetrained, loves going for walks

and does fine with the fosters cat. Going for walks is great

when it isn't too hot out, and car rides are great too.

She hasn't been very playful, just loves to cuddle and

be near you.

If you are looking for a girl that is super sweet, Sofie

is just that girl!

**Because of the food aggressiveness,

she would not be good if you have a young child that may

take a treat from her/ get near the food bowl etc.

Sofie does do well with kids 8+


The adoption fee for Sofie is set at $250.00

If you are interested in Sofie, PLEASE complete an application.
Most everything we know about our dogs is in the please read it
so you know what the dog is like and if it will fit your lifestyle.


Once an application is received, it will go in that dog's file for review.
IF you are chosen for Sofie, you will get a call for her and will  have
3 hours to respond (if we get your answering machine)
before we go to the next person of interest.

*The ONLY way to be considered is with an application which is on our website:  

Click on the picture and scroll all the way to the bottom of the following page.
THANKS for wanting to Rescue!!

**IF you are tired of loosing out on the dog of your dreams, know that

W.O.W Dog Rescue appreciates the fosters, and because they are

great enough to help out...they also have 1st chance at adopting the dog

they are fostering.

ALSO, we supply everything while they are in your care!!

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