Is Taffy still available?? 

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If it says Adopted, then the dog has been happily united with 

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APPLY if interested so you can be considered.

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Taffy is a sweet 8 month old puppy that came in to our rescue as a 

owner surrender, along with her sister Winnie.

(Owner wasn't able to keep them as she was working too many

hours, and as you know, Pups need to have play time!!)

They weigh in around 7-8 lbs.

Both are sweet & small Terrier / chihauhau girls, that don't need

to live together (not bonded), and they are doing well in the foster

homes that they are currently in.

Taffy is a lil bit timid at first, but when she went

to meet the other 3 small furry family members that the foster has,

she allowed the regular sniffing with out any problems...

in fact she is regularly with one of the pups in the home hanging out

or playing with him.

The Foster has a doggy door and she is running in and out of it

with the others, but isn't completely sure that once

outside she should go potty.

(so not 100% trained but closer, and trying).

The foster had this to say:

"Taffy is pure Joy! Timid at first but she will warm up fast. 

Gets along with her small dogs, not sure about cats.

I feel she would do well with children. 

Because she had been penned /crated a lot,

she will continue to need housetraining, and she will use a potty pad.

She LOVES attention and will follow other dogs

out the doggy door.

Playful, loves toys and she loves being outdoors a lot.

Taffy will make someone a great small dog companion

as she won't get much bigger"

Taffy is a bit darker in color than her sister Winnie.


Taffy is scheduled 2/26 for her spay and to get current on her shots.

She will also come microchipped

WE ARE NOT PETFINDER. (plz don't apply there)

WE ARE NOT ADOPTAPET (plz don't apply there)

WE ARE NOT RESCUEME (plz don't apply there)

OUR application is on our website:


Taffy's adoption fee is set at $260.00

**PLEASE do not call or email to see if she is "still" available.

Her Gallery photo on our website will be updated daily

and will state her status.

IF we have chosen someone, she will be marked "Pending".

IF she has been adopted, she will be marked "Adopted".

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