W.O.W Dog Rescue is here to help those that are not sure if they are choosing the "right" Rescue for their Pup to SURRENDER to, OR if they are the "right" Rescue to ADOPT from. Please read what people are saying about us right here!

5/18/19  I have just adopted the sweetest little guy named Shooter now Gede. Who would name a dog Shooter? LOL. The" WOW folks" were great all of them and the Foster Mom fell for him like I have. He needs some TLC which I can give lots of. The process was professional and all the information was very helpful. They checked in with me the next day to see how things are going. I couldn't be happier. I feel this rescue is one of the best so check them out when you are looking for a new pet. God Bless you all.

We adopted Angel in March 2018, she is a cairn terrier-poodle mix and we absolutely love her. She is about a year old and somewhat house trained but had never used a dog door. She is now using the dog door on a regular basis and loves the freedom. She also loves the huge backyard that is covered in lush green grass year around! I will need to take her to some training classes to learn: sit, stay, come, etc. She doesn't quite know her name yet either! I couldn't be happier with my choice of rescue and the process.

I contacted Sandy and Kim about a dog I was interested in-Comet. They contacted me immediately and we conversed about the dog and set an appointment for them to bring Comet to my house to check out my surroundings and meet my other dogs. We spent a few hours discussing the needs of Comet and observing the interaction with me and the other dogs. It was a perfect fit. Sandy and Kim both are very knowledgeable about dogs and they have a big heart for them. They work hard trying to do what’s best for the dogs in their care. They were very friendly and easy to talk to. After I adopted Comet, Sandy and I kept in contact often checking on the situation with Sandy offering valuable information to help with making Comet feel more at home. The suggestions helped. I highly recommend this dog rescue.

Being chosen to adopt Nala (formerly Annie) was one of the best things to happen to us in a long time! Nala brings so
much love and joy to our family. We have always been dog parents; our dog Honey passed away over 3 years ago and it was
one of the hardest things we had to go through. I truly believe Nala was meant to come into our lives at this time. Thank you so much WOW! Im so happy I happened to stumble upon their website. Everyone was great and the process wasso smooth. I love how they require you to fill out a detailed application, shows how much they care about their rescue animals and want to make sure they find
the right home

I adopted Woodstock (formerly Toto) 3 weeks ago from W.O.W. dog  Rescue and
couldn’t be happier. Working with Kim and Sandy was a pleasure and I know these
ladies are devoted to saving these loving creatures. I would recommend this
agency to those looking for a loving companion.

I adopted Tito today, (formally Pluto). What a joy, he is now in his forever
home and I couldn't be happier! My experience with WOW has been fantastic, the
process went smoothly every step of the way. I highly recommend this wonderful
group to anyone looking to adopt a small dog!


We adopted Balor (formerly Scruffles) this week and got to bring him home today.We had originally applied for a different dog, but her family had already been found. Kim told me about some of the dogs they had just rescued who would be going up for adoption soon and encouraged me to keep checking their website.
Once Scruffles was posted I sent an email to have our application transferred to his file. Throughout the process Kim was very responsive to my questions and was so helpful! The whole team at WOW really have the best interest of these dogs at heart and are genuinely good people. We are so grateful for our sweet pup and plan to work with them in the future if we decide to bring another dog into our family.

I recently have gone through some life changing events in my life that lead me to this program and sandy who so kindly helped me find a kind person to adopt my 12 yr old Pom Bandit.. as heart breaking as parting with him I needed to know
he’d be placed with someone who would be his companion as well as he could be theirs. I appreciated the time that sandy put into bringing me together with the right match for bandit... who is missing from my life but never from my heart and I feel confident his new family is caring for him as I would..this is a great program and sandy was very helpful in educating me on the proper procedures to ensure positive adoption options.  Melody

I adopted my dog Jake now Finn with the best help I could possibly have
gotten from Kim. I met him fell in love and we made a good pair. Kim had shown
me a couple of other dogs but we decided they were not for me.Then I met Finn
love at first sight. I cannot say enough about WOW the family that fostered him
were fabulous, extreemly caring even text me to see how he was doing. If you are
thinking of adopting a dog I highly recommend WOW you will not find a more
caring person than Kim

I adopted Sparky now known as Duke in November 2017. The process couldn’t have been easier. Just fill out the form. And if you have any questions, just pick up the phone and call. My calls were answered quickly and questions answered on the spot. Duke lived with a foster family for a few weeks. This provided himsocialization with people and other dogs. The take home folder was complete with
veterinary exam records that showed vaccinations and neuter surgery along with license paperwork. Duke walks well on his leash and comes when called. He lays on his dog bed near my feet while I work at home.

Quick update on Lucy She goes in and out the doggie door to potty. She plays with our black poodle Poppy all the time. She is not being crated anymore and sleeps with all of us in the bed at night.  What a love, after only two weeks with us she acts like she has been here forever. We absolutely love her. Thanks Kim and WOW rescue for bringing her in to our lives.We are forever in your debt.

Kudos to Kim and W.O.W. Dog Rescue!!!!!! Thanks to them, I have a wonderful
little Yorkie name Kayla. .The process was easy, once I found a pet I was
interested in, I filled out an adoption application and WOW and Kim took over
from there to make sure that the pet and I would be compatible for each other.
Its turns out Kayla and I were perfect. She was part of what they call the
senior program and I could qualify for that (LOL) we are both laid back and easy
going. I totally love spoiling her. She enjoys short walks and playing in the
backyard.. We are totally happy with each other..Marie

Today is one week since my adoption of Bella from the wow dog rescue.org. Bella
is a 7 year old cockapoo who is as sweet and lovable as she is cute. My life
this week has been happier as i am sure hers has. WWWdog rescue.org is a rescue
that is professional and committed to helping their dogs find just the "right"
family.The staff is very competent and maintains high standards in making caring
choices for their adoptees. Many thanks to Kim and Sandy. This rescue site is
the one to use for all rescues. Peggi

I had been looking for a dog to join my family for a while and I came across a
pup named Possum on the Arizona Dog Rescue website. The instructions to fill out
an application first were very clear and I did so right away. The very next day,
I heard back from Kim and we scheduled a meet for that weekend. WHAT A DAY! It
was seriously the best day of my life getting to meet little Possum, the
wonderful foster mom, and Lori, the lovely W.O.W. representative who facilitated
the meet. Not only was Possum just the cutest little guy, but Lori and the
foster mom were so very kind and helpful. Lori was sure to help me ask the right
questions about Possum but it was already decided that he was mine as soon as I
saw him. Possum is now named Buddy and he has been the sweetest treasure. He is
full of love and cuddles and is a professional nap taker. Anywhere we go, we get
lots of compliments as he is just a natural cutie who loves all people. I am so
excited to be this little nugget's forever home! We are so grateful to the
lovely people at W.O.W who brought us together. W.O.W is a wonderful rescue with
the best staff and, in my case, the perfect fit for not only a pet, but a new
member to the family.  Maria

I have always had large dogs when we decided to buy two toy poodle pups, one Gray and one Brown. The breeder said that males are better with small children and we had a 2 year old boy. The Poodles were born a week apart and we named them Thunder & Lightning. They were the best little guys I have ever had. After 11 years and stars in 3 commercials they died a week apart in the same spot in our living room. That was 9 years ago. The Lord knows our heart and after looking on the net for three weeks I found my 'Jack', a male, Buff, Toy Poodle. Exactly what I was looking for. He was less than a mile away. I didn’t have to fly him in from another state, etc. WOW Is right! Incredible! Yes. We get up in the morning and Jack leads me down the hall to the Kitchen. He stops in the Living room to allow me to take the lead from there into the Kitchen. On the way back he leads me from the Kitchen into the Living room and we change positions again to go back into the bedroom. He instinctively knows that I have only been in this house for 43 years and might not know the way. Yes Jack is my perfect little companion and I LOVE HIM.
**After checking out several websites and emailing back and forth 4 over two weeks I Came Upon wowdogrescue.org. I picked the toy poodle that I was interested in and send a message. Very quickly I received a message back with an address and the time when I could meet the dog. I met him held him and fell in love with him at 7 PM that night.
I was given approximately 1 week trial with him to determine if it would work out. My decision was already made when I met him. After that week I was given an address to take him to where he got his shots, chip, and was neutered. All I had to do was drop him off and pick him up all the fees were already paid. After that I filled out the adoption papers paid a small adoption fee and the rest is history. Jack and I have become close buddies.
Nothing could have been easier then the adoption of Jack. I thank wowdogrescue.org for the thorough and easy way to adopt my new friend.

It was such a pleasure working with Kim, Lori, and Janis through the WOW Dog Rescue organization.
We adopted Bella, formally known as Bonita😉. She's a 9 mos old chihuahua mix bundle of energy and fun.
Kim was so sweet in giving me an extra collar, and harness as the one I bought was too large for Bella.  Janis, (think she's a dog whisperer:), gave me tips on Bella's personality, and Lori was just so kind and generous with encouragement throughout the adoption and once I got Bella home.
Bella wasn't sure she liked our golden retriever, Jack, but after just a few days, they are now friends.
Would like to thank them all for their generosity and caring spirits.
And most certainly, would recommend them to anyone seeking a forever family member.
Sincerely,Claudia Gilbert, AZ

Kim , the foster ,and the placement coordinator are all so wonderful to work
with. They truly care about the dogs they are placing and they work hard to find
a good match. For us its a match made in heaven, LuLu is exactly what we were
looking for, i am so glad I found WOW dog rescue, i even linked them on my
amazon account through the amazon smile program so i can help this wonderful
organization to continue to do a great job... Laurie

"When we decided we needed to find a new home for our dog due to allergy
reasons, WOW  came to the rescue.  The minute I dropped off our sweet puppy, I
knew he would be placed in a good home. Thank you for the best service a family
could hope for".

March 28,2018
First of all, I'd like to thank Kim, Janis, & Sandy for the
awesome experience I had in adopting Abby Rose (aka Abby) !! They were an
awesome team & made the experience quite pleasurable!! I can't say enough
about their diligence, kindness & incredible patience they exuded in getting
the right match for me. I tried to adopt in December & was not chosen for
the dog I wanted. Needless to say, I was so impressed with Kim's empathy,
support, dedication and knowledge that the right dog would come along. Kudos to
you, Kim!! Your organization is top notch!! I was so impressed with this rescue
that I decided to wait & adopt a pet only from them. I diligently perused
W.O.W Dog Rescue daily for two and a half months until I saw & fell in love
with Abby Rose. Thank you Janis for being such a wonderful Foster mom to Abby.

 I was elated that she would become the" furever friend" and my
loyal companion!! She was definitely worth the wait!! I've had Abby Rose 12 days
now. She loves giving kisses, & displays tons of affection to everyone that
she encounters. She's so easy going, playful, & loves to be praised. She
loves playing in the backyard & being curious about everything. We love to
play fetch the ball together. She loves playing and chewing her toys. She loves
cuddling up to me in bed & sleeps all night. The other night I turned around
in bed, & she was sleeping with me & sharing my pillow!!! Now that's
being close friends!!! Every morning, she joyfully greets me with tons of love
& kisses even before getting off the bed!! We started our first positive dog
training class yesterday. She enjoyed meeting her 6 new friends & was
cordial to all & didn't bark. She actually was a good student, although
treats helped her to be successful in learning & following the commands that
were taught. Thanks again for your passionate commitment to giving these dogs a
second chance & for enhancing the lives of people like me!! Blessings,
Christina V.

3/5/18 Our Family's Experience: We adopted Candy on 3/3/18 and working with WOW
Dog Rescue was an absolute pleasure. Everyone working at WOW Dog Rescue is
focused on what is best for the dog and it shines through in every interaction.
Kim took the time to understand us and make sure we were the right fit for Candy
and her thoroughness gained our confidence immediately. Once, we knew we were a
match Sandy worked with us to complete the necessary paperwork and educate us on
the transition process. The team and foster parent told us all they could about
Candy including what they knew prior to her being rescued. We felt set-up for
success and have had such a smooth transition bringing Candy into our home due
to all their efforts. We kept Candy's name because she is the sweetest dog you
will ever meet and we are so lucky to have her join our family (thank you WOW!).
We are very appreciative of all the care she was given by her foster family and
the staff of WOW Dog Rescue which has helped her be the loving sweet dog she is.
Our kids (10 and 13) adore and play with Candy and cannot get enough of her, she
is a perfect fit for us. She enjoys walks, playtime, cuddling, running in the
yard, car rides and naps in between. She cuddles with all of us and makes sure
to go to each person spreading her love and snuggles. Thank you so much for
bringing such joy to our family! The Vignjevic Family

Had the best experience rescuing Archie! WOW returned my emails/calls right away
and were very professional through the entire experience. I searched for over 8
months and contacted numerous rescues and was so pleased when I was chosen for
Archie. We are truly smitten with our little Archie boy!

We can’t say enough, all good,about this organization. We adopted our little guy
formerly called Jazz now Chaz, Feb 9, 2018. The people at WOW are great and the
procedure was very professional, there is so much kindness and love evident for
their charges, they are to be commended. We are so happy to have Chaz as a new
addition to our family, he is a joy.

We recently adopted Simba from WOW. He is a wonderful dog.
The people we dealt with at WOW were professional and honest. Simba is happy,
adorable, smart and playful. He is a perfect fit for our family.

Thank you!! Felicia P.A

Recently divorced in a home with a large backyard, I decided it was time to add
another family member to our household. I found QT online and decided to apply
and see if we hit it off. Once I saw her, I fell in love. The process was so
great and smooth and professional. I picked her up at the only time I had free
which worked with the organization and foster mom. QT is now Sally per my 11
year old son who completely loves on her. She is so blessed to have my 9 year
old and 11 year old to sleep with (she loves sleeping with family members). They
are wonderful with taking care of her and once they're home from school, she
cannot get enough of them. One days I work, she and my 2 year old go to
grandma's house. Grandma instantly loved her as well. Sally gets to spend time
with her cousin Beasley and they play whenever they're together. I'm so glad I
decided to go through Wow Dog Rescue. Thank you for finding her for our family.

This was my first experience adopting a fur baby. And I had the good fortune to
meet Kim & her colleague, they were both wonderful & patient. They made
the whole process professional & educational. I adopted Ollie & boy are
we in love with him. He is 11 months Shih Tzu & Lhasa mix. He is playful,
handsome, every time I see, he makes me so happy. Thank you Kim.

We lost our sweet Silkie Terrier over a year ago and were ready to adopt. We
were looking for bonded sisters and fell in love with the photo of “Wiggles and
Wags”. We adopted them in November and are so happy. Their names are now Misha
and Sasha. Wow Rescue did an amazing job with the girls, who were found
abandoned at a construction site. They took them in, provided vet services and
placed in foster care for two months. Their foster parents provided them with
lots of nurturing and love. We brought them home the Saturday before
Thanksgiving. The transition to their new home went so smoothly. We credit the
excellent care of WOW Rescue and the excellent care of the foster parents. Our
fur babies bring so much joy to our home.

I lost my precious Shih Tzu, Morgan, unexpectedly on Dec. 9th. I was devastated
and didn't want to go home. A friend showed me Bella and Gretchen on Wow Dog
Rescue web site and I went to see them. I was afraid of making a mistake, that
it was too soon. The foster mother, Elessa, and Kim were very patient with me
until I could make a decision. Once I made my decision and brought the girls
home with me I have never regretted it. Bella and Gretchen have made themselves
very much at home with me and and they have filled a void in my heart. I would
recommend Wow Dog Rescue to anyone wanting to adopt a new family member

I adopted Libby (Liberty) in November of last year. We had lost our forever dog
Missy a few years back and thought we could live without a dog, but there was
such a void in our lives. So we started searching for our forever dog. Online
with adopt a pet there was Libby a part poodle and part Yorkie 12 lbs. 4 years
old so perfect for us. I knew I had to have her. I called Kim with WOW and she
called me right back. A lot of questions were asked of me, which I was very happy she
asked them. She wanted to make sure that Libby would have the perfect home with
the perfect parents. I prayed and prayed as I waited for an answer. Sure enough
we were the lucky parents. We met with Kim and her staff and the couple that
were fostering her. They went thru everything, paperwork, making sure I had
everything I needed she was microchipped and her shots were in order. Libby is
in training now at our PetSmart and she is top of her class. So willing to
please. I will take a picture of her with her cap and gown next week. You think
you rescued a forever dog but the real story is they rescue us. THANK YOU W.O.W.

WOW is exactly as the name says WOW!! My Story... I am a disabled teacher and
had to rehome my beautiful dog, Holly. I listed her on Craig's list which is
where I had the pleasure of meeting Kim. Because I was desperate to find a good
home, Kim stepped in and refused to give up. She worked day and night calling on
all her contacts to find a good home for Holly. And find a good home she did!! I
can't THANK you enough for working so hard to help me. WOW is the real deal.
They truly have the right mindset. There are many dog rescues out there, but
none worked as hard as WOW to find Holly a good forever home. I recommend WOW to
anyone looking to adopt. They truly have their priorities in the right place!!!

We adopted Mr. Willy in December. This is our second adoption with WOW and they
are fantastic! They are very organized, informative, caring and you know right
away that they love what they do for these pets that need a loving home. Janis
was Willy's foster mom and she was amazing. She takes such great care of the
animals she has as if they were her own children! I would highly recommend you
using this organization for all your adoption needs.

We adopted Twinkles and boy is she special! She is the sweetest girl and so well
behaved. Kim and Lori are great to work with - very professional and organized
throughout the adoption process. Janis was the foster mom for Twinkles and took
really good care of her. I would highly recommend working with W.O.W. Dog

We adopted Piper(formerly Honey) on New Years Day from WOW. We have had her home
for 24 hrs now and I am already in love with her. She is doing great in her
adjustment; she’s been on 2 walks and is having fun exploring the back yard. And
of course she loves to cuddle. Lori and Kim were great to deal with; a very
professional organization. Both Piper and I are grateful for them rescuing

My Experience:
I am so happy to say that I was able to adopt my little Dolce Bambina, Bambi for short, (previously known as Cailin) from WOW. Little Bambi has been with me for exactly one week tonight and I am as pleased as I possibly can be with the entire adoption process. Bambi is the sweetest little girl and very well behaved. She was doggie door trained and house broken. What a treat for a six month old puppy. She has been learning all about her new home, learning new tricks and commands and getting used to her walks on a leash. She is also learning how to stay in a crate for short periods of time and is doing a very good job! Bambi sleeps with me on top of the bed and sleeps throughout the night. I love this little one so much and I know she will be a wonderful companion for me for years to come. A special thanks to the WOW director, Kim; If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have my little Bambi today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The  experience was great and we thought every part of the process was handled in a
professional way. The take home folder was more than complete and every detail
was thought of . We love the dog and it was nice to get a rescue.


Brooke now Bianca
What’s better than 1 sweet, adorable puppy? 2 sweet adorable puppies!! We were able to adopt Brooke so that Toby would have a playmate! They are still getting to know each other but they are so sweet together. They love to sleep close to each other.
I want to thank  Kim for choosing us for both of our sweet puppies!
Our experience both times was great. Lori and Sandy were so nice and helpful with everything.
If you want to adopt a pet they are the BEST!

Mike and Jodi Kern
I Love this rescue!

This is the 2nd dog we have adopted through _____  (now W.O.W dog rescue).Everyone was pleasant and very helpful to work with. Kim is really good at what she does. We were looking for a dog that was small, quiet & lovable and that is what we got. We were attracted to Kailey’s large ears on the website. We would definitely use ____ (Now W.O.W Dog Rescue) again.
Rich & Debbie

Debbie Leahy

Char (AKA Charlie Brown)
He is so cute~!!! Char loves playing around. He chases hands and grabs them without hurting you! It’s so funny!!! We have another dog named Luigi and they get along great, they play together a bunch and they chase each other around the house! ^-^
Char loves napping with me while I watch anime and do homework. He loves everyone even though he doesn’t like guys. But he still gets along with them it’s so cute!!! >~<
We haven’t really had any problems he knows where to go to go potty, he whines when I get home from school. He’s practically perfect ^-^
Thanks!!  (now W.O.W dog rescue) we love him!
Lindsey K~

Lindsey Kriser

This little Shih Tzu came to me as Spot, but has taken well to his new name, Benny. He is a great mixture of precious/mellow and goofy/playful – perfect for our household! He can go from lap-cuddling to playing catch with himself (throwing his toy across the room, then chasing after it – a few times he has even caught it in mid-air!). I was very impressed with ( this rescue ) (now W.O.W dog rescue) and the adoption process. I would easily recommend them to anyone wanting to adopt.


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