Tilly (aka: Matilda)

Shes a cutie for sure..
Tillys mom is a mix yorkie/ poodle and dad has some
schnauzer / terrier in him. He was solid grey.
She weighs in at 8 lbs.
As you can see by the photos below, she is amazingly cute.
She is timid around small kids that will run up
to her (cowards or will run), so we will not want her
to go where there are little ones.
She has been around a larger retriever and did fine, and
cuddles with foster mom more than foster dad..(but they
are working on that!).
She gets nervous in the car, but that can change once that is incorperated into
her regular routine of things to learn.
Before we got her, her days consisted of being in the back yard with the other dogs.
She was not familiar with going on walks so she has just
mastered walking to 3 houses in the neighborhood, then shes
ready to head back home. Repetition will help her get confident.
She is kennel trained and goes in it for sleep time.
The Fosters take her right outside when she wakes up
for Potty, and they said she is not having any accidents.
She is spay, (in her series of puppy shots )which we will keep up with them
until they are completed, de-wormed, rabies shot done and micro-chipped.

Tillys  adoption fee is set at $260.00

If interested in her, please complete a application on our website www.wowdogrescue.org
Your application will be sent to the owner, if it is approved. They will contact you
and set up a time to meet her.
IF you still see that Tilly is NOT marked ADOPTED, then she is Still available.
Thanks for wanting to rescue your next family member!!